(Alsomitra macrocarpa)

Alsomitra macrocarpa
Alsomitra macrocarpa
 Native to Indonesia, the seeds glide through the air. A seed has only one wing with the centroid located slightly toward the front in between the right and left sides. The area of the wing is quite large for its weight. The ratio (aspect ratio) of the wing width, measured from left to right, and the wing chord, measured from front to back, is big at about three. A cross-section of the wing shows the rear edge bent slightly upward, to help stabilize it when gliding. Before the rainy season, pods hanging 30m above the ground release about 400 seeds each. They fly about 100m with no wind, and, if there is a strong wind, about 10m/second for instance, they fly 1km away.


Why does a rough surface
help seeds to fly?

Let's make a seed.