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2nd floor guide

2D. WAKU ECO MOTOR LANDExperience driving! Here you can experience virtual driving of a car, motorcycle, or truck with simulators.

2E. Room of the manufacturing We display a notable technique of "the manufacturing".

2F. Bicycle PlazaIn this exhibit, you can take a look at some great examples of bicycles from the past.

3rd floor guide

3C. DENKI Factory What exactly is electricity? Here we have a number of exhibits that will help you experience and understand this invisible, important phenomenon.

3G-1. The World of Motors You'll learn about the basic science of motors.

3D. Electro Hall "Link to Cyberspace"

3G-2. Protecting the earth Info Search Station: This Web contents will show you plenty of Earth enviroment.

4th floor guide

4B. Synra DomeEnjoy scientific images presented here by making full use of the capabilities of this computer.

4C. Tetsunomaru-koen 1 chomeGet ready to take a look into the world of iron.

4E. NEDO Future ScopeFuture Scope—they let us look at what the future will bring.

4F. ConstriumThe brand-new technologies used in construction today help to enrich our lives and make things easy for us.

4I. Science StadiumIt consists of " Stadium R " to make the most suitable use for experimental shows.

5th floor guide

5B. Illusion BEnjoy learning new things about the connections between your body and the way you see the world.

5H. RealThis exhibit will show you some of the latest life science developments.

5C. AccessWe show you that parsonal computers can do a great many things.

5I . WorksInteresting scientific experiments are performed. Alse, workshop sessions are conducted.

5D. MechanicsYou will see how machines work and will understand the principles on which they work.

5E. OpticsHere you will learn about the properties of light, such as reflection, refraction, and polarization.

5F. IllusionAOur senses are what give us the real understanding of the world we live in.

5G. OrienteeringTake your time and enjoy the exhibits in this space. Before you know it, they'll open your mind to the wonders of science.