3G-1. The World of Motors

3G-1. The World of Motors

Each and every day, and in countless ways, motors are used all around us. Here in the World of Motors display, you'll learn about the basic science of motors, such as what makes them turn, and you'll see a selection of objects that work with the power of motors. You can also search for information on motors with the computers set up here.

1.Turning Time!

Here you can play a game that teaches you how motors work. There are some large magnets with north and south poles on the outside of this machine, and in the middle is a bar magnet whose polarity-the direction of its charge-you control. Use the switch to change the charge on the turning magnet in the middle. If you time it just right you can make it spin around. This is just how motors work!

2.Made with Motors

This is a collection of objects made with motors. You can watch videos on just how these were created. You can also check out extra information at the Mabuchi Motors website: http://www.mabuchi-motor.co.jp/motorize/

3.Searching for Signs of Motors

Motors see some heavy use in our daily lives. They are all around us. The motors on display here are used in four main areas: audio-visual equipment, computers and communications gear, automobiles, and home appliances and toys.

4.Motor Dream Town

Motors have the power to move things up and down, back and forth. Here you can use the levers to move models of ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds, and many more items. See how many ways motors are put to work in our lives?

5.Info Search Station

There's plenty of information on motors here for you. You can find the answers to questions like:

What is a motor?
Why does it turn?
What does the inside of a motor look like?
How can I make a motor?
What are some terms used to describe motors?