4B. Synra Dome

Two great scientists, Galileo and Newton, made many scientific discoveries is the natural laws and principles through many years of research. It must have taken them a long time to solve complex mathematical problems, or to do complex calculations. Likewise, it would not have been an easy task to provide scientific proofs is these laws and principles. Today almost any complex mathematical problem, calculation, or simulation can be readily taken care of by high-speed graphic computers. Come and enjoy scientific images presented here by making full use of the capabilities of this computer. In 2002 we installed a 400-inch screen that can display 3-D images. These can be seen in the "Universe" live shows held each saturday. Twice a month, we also use this screen to show real-time images of the sky from an observatory in America.

1.Science Live show

Each Saturday we invite a special guest to the Science Museum and hold live science shows.

Science Live Talk on every saturday afternoon.