4C. Tetsunomaru-koen 1 chome

Iron is an important substance, and one we could not do without in our daily lives. But since iron is used in so many areas of our lives, we often use it without really thinking about how wonderful it is. About 30 percent of the earth's weight is in the form of iron. It is thought that iron has been a part of people's lives for 6,000 years. Iron is used to make steel, which is an integral part of our modern cibilization. It is also being used to develop technologies to protect the environment. Other new uses are constantly being found for iron, a substance that will no doubt be even more important in the future. In this exhibit area, you will learn all about iron: from the very earliest uses humans found for it to the technologies of the future that will depend on it. Let's take a voyage to Iron World now!

1.Vehicle Theater

Get into the Time Vehicle26!
You can learn about the history of iron, technologies in the future and wrestle with an environment.

2.Information Zone

3.Hood Lifting?

It is an equipment to pull up a hood!
This exhibition introduces relation between a feature of iron and an environment.

5.Spring Shooter

6.Bearing Curling

7.Information Zone


Join us! You can try an experiment and a handicraft by using the iron.