4F. Constrium

4F. Constrium

The brand-new technologies used in construction today help to enrich our lives and make things easy for us. They also contribute to the development of our whole society. This exhibit hall is set up like a construction site, and you can learn about how things are built by doing things like getting behind the controls of a tower crane. You can also check out wind tunnel and take part in workshops to learn all about the world of construction.

1.Get Your ID Card

2.The Digital Construction Office

Use these computer terminals to play games and learn about the technologies used in construction. Uncover the secret features of buildings or take a trip back in time to check out the dams, tunnels, bridges, and buildings that have gone up throughout Japan. You can also see which structures are the biggest in Japan and jump to the websites of those dams, bridges, and buildings.

3.Tower Crane Challenge

This lets you see just how tower cranes work as you try to use the control levers to get the balls into the basket. You don't have much time, so you'll have to work fast to get as many balls as you can into the goal!

4.Many Kinds of Concrete


6.Beneath of Ground Floor


9.Shield Machines

10.Earthquake Defense

Here you'll learn about the technologies used to protect buildings from the shocks of earthquakes. Climb into the earthquake machine to feel for yourself what a strong quake (level 7 on the Japanese scale of 1 to 7!) and learn about the ways structures can be kept standing despite these tremors. If you're here for a workshop, you'll even be able to experience a level 7 earthquake, the strongest on the Japanese scale.

11.Watch Out for Wind!

Many buildings tower so far into the sky that they create wind patterns around them. In this exhibit you'll see how buildings are designed to reduce these dangerous drafts. There is also a wind tunnel where you can see how wind flows around structures from different angles. Change the speed of the wind and turn the building on its moving platform to see what happens!

12.Work Shop