5C. Access

5C. Access

As we look around our houses, We find an assortment of electric and electronic home appliances and devices which symbolize material wealth and affluence. One device gaining popularity in many households in recent years is the personal computer. We often hear, however, that it is sitting idle and collecting dust as it is not fully utilized. So, we have provided a forum here to assist you in the use of personal computers as a very convenient communications tool, a very interesting play tool, and as a very valuable educational tool, and show you that personal computers can do a great many things.

1.Dream and Science

"Dream and Science" will given you access to information on The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN).

2.Forest Data

"Forest Data" will show you the 5th floor displays.

3.Pee Ka Boo

You can bend your face into wild shapes with this software, Pee Ka Boo.

4.Forest Link

5.Magical Optical Illusions