5D. Mechanics

5D. Mechanics

Have you ever taken apart a wristwatch? It contains gears, springs, and screws -- basic mechanical elements skillfully built using the wisdom and technology of humankind. You'll realize that watches are able to tell time because of a complex combination of these basic mechanical elements. These same elements also underlie modern science and technology. This room contains basic mechanical elements and devices that apply these elements. By playing with them and operating them with your hands and feet, you will come to understand, through experience, the functions of these machines and their underlying principles. Not only will you discover that the machines around you consist of combinations of mechanical elements, but you will also find yourself wanting to make new machines.


2.Lever, Wheel, Pulley, Slope, Screw

This exhibit features a heavy aluminum ball, By using the most basic tools-the lever, pulley, wheel, slope, and screw - You'll be able to lift this heavy ball with the smallest of forces!


Give the handle attached to the gears a few turns when you visit. It will take about 10 years, and 25.2million cranks, to turn the big gear just once!

4.Mechanical Instruments

5.Mechanical Melodies

6.X・Y Tracer

7.Tricky Lift

With the help of the pulleys overhead, even a small pull can lift a huge weight off the ground.

8.Lift me up!!

Combining stationary and mobile pulleys to lift a compact passenger car proves that small force can generate large forces.


10.Catch the "O." ( Crane )

11.Fun Fan Fun

12.Gear Wrestling

13.Trick Pedal

14.Where are the balls going?

15.Gear, Cam, Crank, Link, Chain, Belt