5E. Optics

5E. Optics

Light is present all around us in our daily lives, and we tend to take it for granted. When we consider what light is, though, the various phenomena relating to light almost never make us aware of their properties, unlike air or gravity. Light itself, unlike electricity or radio waves, is visible to the human eye. Or perhaps it would be better to say that things become visible through light. There are countless mysteries related to the beautiful and mystical phenomena of nature, weather, color, eyes, and vision. Over the years, these phenomena have been skillfully applied to enhance our daily lives. In this room you will experience the basic principles, phenomena, and character of light, together with their practical application, through fun demonstrations using a variety of experiments and devices.

1.Trick Gallery

Special patterns and lenses will make strange shapes appear here. Can you believe your eyes?

2.Black Hole Of Needle

3.Black hole of Corn

4.The Moon, The Sun

5.Laser Craft

Use a laser to burn letters into an eraser! ( 100yen fee )

6.Laser Rapping

7.Spining Hologram

8.Beam's Talk

9.Light Island

10.Miracle Tube

11.Laser Art

These laser beams will let you see how light moves in three dimensions. Prisms and lenses of all kinds - concave and convex - will twist the laser light in many ways.

12.UV - ray

13.Shadow Taker

Optical storage screen

14.Image Streamer

15.Tricolor Palette

16.Water Lens

The 60 centimeter wide tank hanging from the ceiling is full of water, and it acts just like a camera lens.

17.Phantom Fountain

18.Elliptic Cylinder

19.Double Mirrors

Unlike a single mirror, when you look in this one and raise your right hand the left one will go up in the reflection!

20.Drops On CRT