5F. IllusionA

5F. IllusionA

Looking and feeling. Have you ever felt these simple actions to be a mysterious process? This sense of mystery lies at the beginning of all visual science. Our eyes and brains can instantaneously resolve complex calculations and problems of reasoning. The reality of our world finds its beginnings in these visual mechanisms and in the mechanisms for perceiving the relationships between ourselves and our environment. Here we hope to provide a place where you can come to an intuitive understanding of such things through a variety of illusions.

Illusion Playground

Every day we see and feel new things. These don't always seen like amazing discoveries, but they all help to build our "sense for science." When we see and touch things around us, our brains are actually hard at work, absoring information and making calculations to give us answers about the world around us.
In this way, out senses are what give us the real understanding of the world we live in. The exhibits in this area will expose you to illusions and expose the mistakes you could be making in the way you view the world, and you'll come away with a better understanding of it.

1.Room of Coordinates

Lie on your back on the floor of this room and toss the ball above your head. Can you catch it once again? In this room you'll lose your sense of direction - even though you're not moving at all!

2.Swirling Cylinder

When you stand inside this cylinder, its spinning will make you feel like your body is tilting and moving. Can you stand straight?

3.Swing With Gyro

The centripetal force of the wheel spinning in your hands is enough to move your whole body. Try tilting the wheel left and right to make the entire swing twist!

4.Reeling Passage

5.Flash Afterimages


7.Seeing is ...?