5G. Orienteering

5G. Orienteering

We want to provide an opportunity for you to open your mind to science. This kind of experience must first be something that is fun yet moving. It must mobilize the human sensory organs - sight, hearing, touch, feel - and allow subjective participation as well as objective observation. Familiar things that surround us in our daily lives sometimes have unexpected aspects that lead to new discoveries. Behind the fun of such discoveries lies science and something that is very deep and significant. This lobby contains a variety of experiences that will enable your mind to open from the depths of the unconscious, suddenly and automatically, to embrace the mysteries of science.

1.Welcome down to The FOREST!

2.Giant Salamander

3.Berry The Crazy Dog

4.Devil's Breath

5.Stop Motion Performance

6.Voice Modulator


8.Solid Hospitality

9.Let's Check up yourself!


11.What's going [on]?

12.Which is Which?

13.Not a twitch.