5I. Works

5I. Works

This is where exhibits for the Science Museum are produced. Through tests and experiments ideas are translated into exhibits. Thus, all exhibits here are original in that they are not available elsewhere. A workshop of this type, open to observation by museum staff working on exhibits. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome. They will help further improve museum exhibits. Interesting scientific experiments are performed. Alse, workshop sessions are conducted.


Here you can habe fun with the Science Museum staff as you watch demonstrations using models of the exhibits and special equipment designed in the Exhibit Creation Lab

(1)Science is interesting

・Dare Each Other with the Electric Cup

・Make a Charcoal Battery

・Play with an Air Cannon

・Make a Boomerang


2.Wrap me tender


4.Air Cannon

5.Bubble Tornade

6.Sound Tube


8.The Prototyping Shop

Here is where we develop and build all the exhibits at the Science Museum. All the tools we need to work with metal, wood, and glass are here.