Outline of Science Museum

The Science Museum, founded by the Japan Science Foundation, opened its doors in April 1964 to promote public understanding of science and technology. Visitors range from children to grown-ups, centering on young people. The number of families is also on the increase in recent years.
Exhibits are mostly interactives. You are invited to manipulate and play with them. We hope that you will find them interesting as well as challenging.

Japan Science Foundation

Progress in science and technology is very rapid and impressive. So, we are constantly renewing and updating our exhibits. You will have access to newest scientific and technological advances.


15 Oct. 1974 "Sister museum agreement concluded with the Franklin Institute Philadelphia USA"
21 Feb. 1975 Museum's 10th anniversaries celebrated
27 Jun. 1978 Mr. Yoshihiro Inayama (Chairman of Nippon Steel Corporation) elected third chairman
30 Sep. 1982 Museum's 15th anniversaries celebrated
16 Mar. 1985 "Managed the Japanese government pavilions (The History Pavilion and Children's Plaza) at Tukuba Expo 85 "
29 Jan. 1988 Mr. Eishiro Saito (Chairman of theJapan Federation of Economic Organizations) elected fourth chairman
31 Mar. 1990 "Museum's 25th anniversaries celebrated. Museum Annex expanded"
21 Apr. 1996 "Science Museum renewal; FOREST:recreation creation discovery"
21 Jun. 2000 Mr. Akito Arima (professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo) elected fifth chairman


The Science Museum, Tokyo was established in April 1964 for the purpose of broadly spreading scientific knowledge to the general public. The Museum is located near the Imperial Palace, surrounded by the beautiful green of Kitanomaru Park.
The outer structure of the Museum was designed in the image of scattered stars in space, so that seen from the sky it takes on the shape of the Chinese character for "the heavens".

Chart of guide in facilities

Plot area 6,814 m2
Building area 5,106 m2
Extended building area 25,164 m2
Construction reinforced concrete and a steel frame
Scale two floors below ground and five floors above
(six in the administrative building)
Construction dates
<first construction>
March 2, 1964
<additional construction>
Nov. 13, 1972; Sept. 7, 1978; Sept. 30, 1982; Oct. 3, 1983; Oct. 31, 1988
<first construction>
Kiyoo Matsushita, Takashi Hirayama
<additional construction>
Nobuaki Akaike, Shoji Kurakata, Nobuya Suzuki

★Number of stars on the outside wall 22,392