Guide to reporting and filming

Those wishing to report about or film the Science Museum are requested to contact us.

You are asked to present a plan etc. to which the person in charge of public relations at the Science Museum Operation Department will reply.

We would like to ask for your understanding in the event that we have to seek the permission of the exhibitors in question, which means that it may take some time before we can give the go-ahead.
We may not respond to sudden requests.


With regard to the notification of exhibits in the Museum and the events that are staged by the Museum, the contact point below deals with reporting. It should be noted that participation in and the filming of workshops (experimental shows etc.) is subject to discussion with the Museum. The viewing of the Museum by its visitors is given priority, including that of other exhibitions.
※With regard to events held at the rental facilities in the museum building (the 1st floor exhibition/event hall and the basement level science hall etc.), the various parties hosting the events should be contacted.

In the event that you wish the Museum’s staff to provide commentary, experiments or direction regarding scientific phenomena or technologies not on exhibit at the Museum, please allow sufficient time to discuss the matter.

In the event that it is inconvenient for the suitable members of the Museum staff, or the Museum is unable to respond to requests it will refuse to respond.
Furthermore, when the Museum does accept requests a fee is charged.

Filming and recording

In the event that the use of the Museum as a filming location – with no relevance to its promotion or the popularization and education about science and technology – please allow plenty of time for discussion. The Museum may permit its use as a location for a financial consideration.

Filming and recording cannot be conducted during opening hours (09:30 -16:50). Those wishing to report about or film the Science Museum are requested to contact us.

Contact point for inquiries about reporting and filming

Science Museum
Person in charge of public relations at Science Museum Operation Department, Japan Science Foundation
2-1 Kitanomaru Koen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0091
Telephone: 03-3212-8486
Fax: 03-3212-8443
E-mail: pr-group[atmark]
Please change “[atmark]” to “@” when you send an e-mail.

It should be noted that Kitanomaru Park, in which the Science Museum is situated, is managed by the Ministry of the Environment as the Kitanomaru North District of the Kokyogaien National Garden.
Any reporting or filming of the Science Museum building including its exterior requires the permission of the Ministry’s Kitanomaru Garden Office. For more details refer to the following webpages: the Outline of Kokyo Gaien (Ministry of the Environment)