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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

(Established on April 1, 2005)
(Revised on July 1, 2008)
(Revised on April 21, 2011)
(Revised on June 14, 2011)
(Revised on April 1, 2012)
(Revised on June 22, 2023)

Japan Science Foundation
Chairman Toshiaki Higashihara

The Japan Science Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “JSF”) recognizes that it is our important social responsibility to strictly and appropriately protect the personally identifiable information of individuals and the managers and employees of JSF. Any information obtained shall be used to execute JSF operations such as awareness activities to deepen for the understanding of science and technologies. We shall establish this privacy policy as action guidelines to be observed by the managers and employees of the Foundation in order to fulfill the responsibility and enforce the guidelines thoroughly.

1. JSF shall establish the Privacy Management System (PMS) in compliance with the Japan Industrial Standards Privacy Management System – Requirements (JIS Q 15001) and operate it appropriately in observation of the laws, government guidelines, and other standards and regulations for protecting the personally identifiable information.

2. For obtaining, using, and providing the personally identifiable information , JSF shall handle all information strictly within the range for achieving the specific purposes of use and implement the necessary measures for preventing the use of any information for other purposes.

3. JSF shall work to prevent illegal access, leakage, loss, and damage to personally identifiable information held by JSF by implementing lawful and rational safety measures.

4. JSF shall provide specific regulations for responding to complaints and consultations related to the handling of personally identifiable information.

5. JSF shall review the privacy management system (PMS) and strive to consistently improve it.

Contact for the privacy protection
General Administration Department
General Administration Group
Japan Science Foundation
Tel: 03-3212-8484

Handling of personally identifiable information

JSF is certified the Privacy Mark to be granted to enterprisers which conduct proper handling of the personal information.